Powers and Abilities Edit

Golem is able to change the density of molecules at will. This power is limited to his body and objects that are in contact with his body. When he hardens his skin, it becomes impenetrable and unmovable. To re-allow movement a hardened limb, Golem must return the skin’s density to normal. Specifically, when forming his armour skin, Golem raises the density of carbon in his skin, essentially creating diamond skin. This density change power can be extended to objects Golem is in contact with such as his usual baseball bat. Increasing the density of his bat makes it both armoured and heavier, thus allowing Golem to put an immense amount of force in each swing of his bat. This power can also be used to protect others, such as hardening a piece of cover that his allies are using, though it will only remain fortified so long has Golem touches the piece of cover.