Biography Edit

Born in 1893, Tex Winters lived through both WWI and WWII.

Tex Winters was considered one of the world's brightest minds in the 1960s. By 1972 however, Winters was already 79 years old, approaching the natural end of human life. Without many years left to live, he sought to extend his lifespan through genetic manipulation. Throughout the mid 1970s, Winters handpicked a team of scientists from around the country to study genetic modification, with the hopes of finding a way to extend his life expectancy. When it became apparent that changing individual DNA base pairs was a too tedious and lengthy process, research branched out into crossing two organisms' genome together. The Cross Species Insertion Mutagenics (CSIM) Lab was created at Stanford University in California in 1977.

In 1980, Winters’ received information on how to use a virus to insert an organism’s genes into the DNA of another. This information led to the CSIM Lab’s first success in 1981. Tex Winters’ viral insertion to change the genome of every cell in an organism caused celebration in the scientific community. Winters' lab expanded at this time.

In 1985, Winters' began another program in secrecy called Project 17. This new project was Winters’ key to finding a solution to his imminent death. 

Unfortunately, the CSIM Lab was coming under public scrutiny and by 1987, was forced to shutdown. However, since it was a secret program, Project 17 was not shutdown, only its funding ceased. Instead, Winters’ found private businesses willing to fund his research in exchange for using some of the project’s research for themselves.

All people involved were either arrested or escaped, including Tex Winters, who had successfully infused himself with ***** DNA. All surviving test subjects were taken into government hands and released although any test subjects that were cross species were deemed "Not Human" or "Half Breeds" and were held captive by government officials. 

In 1985 however Tex Winters lab was shut down. Tex Winters however continued his study in secrecy alone in a lab he designed in his own home furthering his knowledge of Cross Genetics he created a new species which was created by crossing the genes of a fish and a rat thus creating a rat that could breath under water and featured a fish like tail these experiments however were unsuccessful in creating a species that could sustain life. In 1990 he was again recruited to lead yet another team in creating cross genetic species but under the governments knowledge, Tex began testing serum 123B6 with different subjects such as, Rats, Dogs, Pigs, Fish, Birds, Lions, Tigers, even Rhinos many of these experiments were successful in creating a cross species that could sustain life.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Tex Winters can rebirth his body into a younger state. Through this, he is able to maintain eternal life. When recreating his body, his mind remains intact, thus preserving the library of knowledge that Winters has.